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Meaningful Solutions

Magellan is known for its ability to deliver solutions that address a variety of issues. Our mantra is “Create a Dissatisfaction with the Status Quo.” TM It’s at the heart of everything we do—developing solutions that generate meaningful results, by identifying benefits that customers want and organizations can deliver.

We believe that marketplace insight is a key component of any strategic planning and marketing effort. The understanding of your customer’s needs and wants and intelligence about your competitors provides a necessary foundation for determining your organization’s future direction. There is no substitute for a keen understanding of market dynamics, whether it’s expressed through proprietary research or secondary data.

We Love Big Numbers and We Cannot Lie

Magellan always tries to pair in-depth analytical tools with effective strategic recommendations. This insight into the market means you’re not drowning in data while starved for information. And we always look for the research solutions that deliver the most value to the process and the client. We often partner with world-class research providers for custom projects, or we know where to find secondary data to help bring light to the darkness.

Market Research

While we sometimes execute our clients’ custom marketing research initiatives in-house, we also partner with industry-leading suppliers and leverage our experience to design, execute, and analyze our client’s research programs. We generate valuable insight into these results based upon your short- and long-term goals and incorporate our knowledge of current trends in market behavior. Research programs need not be expensive—there are a variety of tools available to achieve the information required by a strategic approach to the market—but they should always be effective.

Magellan adds value by ensuring that business objectives are considered throughout the process and that deliverables meet client expectations. We immerse ourselves in your unique market so that key business questions are answered with original research that is reliable and relevant. Finding the right resources, asking the right questions, and providing the right analysis is what separates abundant data from true insight.

NC Occupancy Tax Research

Occupancy taxes have been a popular form of support for tourism promotion and tourism-related product development in North Carolina since the first tax was authorized by the legislature in 1983. This report is one of the first and only comprehensive analyses of the local rate of taxation and the uses of occupancy tax revenues.

One of our key findings is that while the rate of taxation varies, the mandated allocation of occupancy tax revenue typically does not stray far from destination promotion and other tourism-related uses. With the exception of a few communities, nearly all lodging tax revenues in North Carolina are reinvested in destination marketing and tourism-related expenditures. While some legislation is sufficiently broad as to allow for a range of tourism-related expenses, there are only a handful of communities where some of the tax is directed to the general fund.

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