Strategic Planning & Facilitation

Because of his experience in planning and facilitation, he’s earned the nickname “The Chriscilitator.” Magellan Strategy Group’s founder, Chris Cavanaugh, has completed strategic planning assignments for a broad range of clients, including both non-profits and corporations. And prior to becoming a consultant, Chris was a client himself. He appreciates the need to achieve results through the planning process and the desire for a living document that makes a true measurable difference for the organization. He knows some clients can see planning as a chore, and that every stakeholder may not share the same level of enthusiasm for the process. Overcoming that resistance and actively engaging participants in the process is essential. So is…

  • A consideration of the power of external forces
  • A belief in the value of everyone’s voice
  • Focus–the most precious resource of any organization
  • Discovering what not to do is as important as figuring out what to do
  • Understanding the process should never end
  • Keeping the strategy flexible

Cavanaugh brings significant experience in facilitating diverse groups of participants and leading them towards meaningful and actionable conclusions. His ability to validate opinions and develop consensus, and an engaging sense of humor, make him the ideal candidate to manage your organization’s planning discussions. Using a combination of superior listening skills, simplicity, active inquiry, and a lack of ego, he can work with even the most difficult of groups.

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