Brand Strategy

We’re not an advertising agency. But we bring strategic insight to the brand development process, and can partner with outstanding creative resources (including agencies, independent professionals, and in-house capabilities) as needed. Our expertise lies in the process of discovery—understanding your business objectives, the positioning of the competition, the desires of the market, and the ability of the brand to meet customer expectations.

The strength of Magellan’s process lies in a disciplined approach to uncovering brand truths.

We develop market-driven brand strategies to create emotionally-connected, sustainable brands. We identify sound brand positioning based upon emotional and functional benefits, delivered to the consumer using the marketing tools at your disposal. Our focus is upon the customer—their needs and wants and the benefits your product, place, or service delivers in a competitive, cluttered marketplace. We help create the unique positioning that establishes the brand in the consumer’s mind.

How can we help?

Contact us any time for a discussion, proposal or quote and we will gladly oblige. We are flexible and pride ourselves in personal attention, no matter how big or small the assignment.