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Focus. It is perhaps the rarest of assets in most organizations.  As managers, we are driven by the “tyranny of the present,” the need to take care of the demands of the day.  As much as we desire to anticipate the future and prepare stakeholders for tomorrow, we are more often forced to deal with the brush fires of today.  The minutiae of most managers’ lives forces them to put off the kind of rigorous strategic planning needed to position their organizations for long-term survival.

Most organizations don’t lack for ideas.  What they lack are time and money, and so what they really need for success is the wisdom to determine how to allocate the resources they do have.

The goal of Magellan Strategy Group is to bring that focus and clarity to our valued clients and support their business objectives.  We offer the outside perspective that organizations need to grow and prosper by helping them allocate their resources appropriately.  Even in today’s challenging business environment, the opportunities for growth are many, but the pitfalls are treacherous.  Organizations must balance short-term survival with long-term brand prosperity.